Chronicles of Eberron

Chronicles of Eberron

Join Eberron setting creator Keith Baker for another journey across the realms of Eberron, from the trackless void of the Astral Plane to the unknown depths of the Barren Sea. Chronicles of Eberron takes a deeper dive into Keith’s vision of Eberron, with expanded mechanics and detailed illustrations that bring the world to life.

This companion to Exploring Eberron contains lore and new options for players and Dungeon Masters alike. Play a Tairnadal champion with the Oath of Veneration, explore the mysteries of the Dark Six with the Aspiration Domain, or—if you dare—wield the forbidden magic of the Shadow. Learn more about the nobility of Khorvaire, the people of Riedra, and the stormsingers of Lorghalan. Face deadly new foes, from the daelkyr Avassh and Mordain the Fleshweaver to the infamous Grim Lords of Farlnen!

In addition to delving into hidden corners of the world,Chronicles of Eberronprovides broad guidance useful for any Eberron campaign. What does the average person from Khorvaire actually know about the Draconic Prophecy? What’s the best way to start a new Eberron campaign? How can you add more flavor to a long journey, and how do you challenge high level characters? The answers to these questions and more lie within this tome, wrested at great risk from the Libraryof Ashtakala. Eberron awaits!

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Title Page and Credits
Part 1 The Library
Chapter 3 Nobility of Galifar
Chapter 15 The First War

Hardcover Cover Preview
Interior Pages The Year of Blood and Fire

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