Fairgrounds Map Pack!

Fairgrounds Map Pack! Fairgrounds Map Pack! The download URL for the map files can be found in a following “Tier Rewards” post specific to your tier, or on the Pinned post on the front page of the Patreon.
These are the City Fair Grounds, a sprawling collection of colorful tents, evocative displays, rides and games galore. It is also, however, a place with a special story.
I was recently approached by a cancer survivor that was looking to provide D&D games to children in the cancer center from the hospital that had treated him. He had noticed that while the children had access to playgrounds and toy rooms, many of them were too weak/tired to enjoy them.
He thought D&D could offer excitement and fun in a different form and would be an enjoyable experience, so he purchased a module online to prepare for them. He came to me because the original map included in the adventure was pencil-drawn, mostly with basic shapes and location numbers, and he was looking for something that would be more visually appealing and immersive for the children.
So, I reached out to the module authors, Black Tent Games, and asked if they would mind me creating a map based on their basic design, and they kindly accepted.
The contents of the map center around a module of theirs, but I’ve included an alternative version that does not include the dinosaurs as the main attraction. The map above will hopefully soon be offered up not only to children in cancer centers, but also to youths struggling with mental health in a variety of areas (i.e. foster care, juvenile detention centers, etc…)
For the dinosaur exhibits, these were some of my ideas for “games” to play:
1. Brontosaurus Run – A fenced, dirt track surrounds a large brontosaurus. Racers line up on the track and attempt to make X laps around the track to win, while the Brontosaurus attempts to stop them with tail swipes, ground stomps, head butts and fierce roars — all with different effects.
2. T-Rex Critter Chase – Each PC stands by a colored box containing a critter with a collar to match their chosen color. When they pull the lever, PC’s assume control of the critters (with a variety of abilities) and the T-Rex attempts to chase and catch them. The player controlling the last surviving critter wins.
3. Ankylosaurus Ride – PC’s can ride one of [2] Ankylosauruses in a small arena, either for fun or perhaps like bumper cars, attempting to knock the other person off their mount with a combination of personal or mount-based attacks.
4. Triceratops vs. Stegosaurus – Two large dinosaurs in an arena go head-to-head as riders control their abilities to defeat the other using non-lethal attacks. The last one standing with hit points wins. Betting allowed!
The other tents/attractions include:
1. Jousting Arena
2. Medical Building
3. Red Attraction Tent
4. Large Blue Attraction Tent
5. Staff Tents
6. Concession & Small Games Tents
7. Ring Leader’s House
8. Fairground Staff Camp with wagons.
I really enjoyed working on this one, and I hope that you enjoy it and can have lots of fun encounters!

Check it out!