Fear the Woods ! December release

Fear the Woods ! December release Fear the Woods ! December release Hello Everyone ,
It’s finally time to unveil the GROVE GUARDIANS ! This new faction are mystic and terrifying protector of woodlands and sacred place. They are bound to sacred animals and live in harmony with woodKin which are a race of creature that learn to respect and fight with those spirits. Expect a lot’s of tree animals as well as the armies of the WoodKin.
We’ve already seen the Spirit of Pec but now we have some new cool stuff for this first wave.
First The Feral spirits are a kind of owl wood creatures that can tear appart their enemies. While not that aggressive you shouldnt go and mess with them if you have a chance to flee… However, there is some way scarier and ferocious of those spirits. Night Spirits are scary bird aspect of those and they are not here to talk, killing anyone entering into the Grove.
Then the Ivy sorceress is a magic creature that can control the forest itself and make it way more Spiky !
And finally the Ancient guardian of the grove. This one will fit pretty well aside the Spirit of Pec. That big bear is filled with hives and nest of magical bee creature that protect him ( in case he would need it … ) and makes him dangerous even from afar !
We also as usual got our Throwback file and this month he is super good as it’s the comeback of one of my iconic model, the TITANODON.
Hope you guys will enjoy his work !
The release will contains :
A Feral spirit squad : 10 models including a leader
A Night spirit squad : 10 models including a leader
An Ivy Sorceress model : 1 model
An Ancient guardian of the grove model : Big Multipart model
A Titanodon: Gigantic model with multiple options. ( Throwback file )
The release is available to get today !
Hope you guys enjoy it and keep creating.

Check it out!