Instant Luskan!

Poster sized bespoke map of Luskan together with a 13 page booklet outlining all the known locations of Elturel and completely updated for the 1490’s.

Luskan Poster Thumb

Updated for the 1490’s, the map size is the UK size of A2 which is 59.4 cm by 42 cm. It is likely the most detailed and up to date map of Luskan available and fully updated for the most recent events in Faerun canon.

The booklet is intended to be a quick introduction to Luskan for a DM in a hurry. It is designed to be consistent with canon and contains known locations from various supplements, together with added locations to help the DM and PCs move around the city and carry out their day to day activities. It also includes several plot hooks for the DM who is intending to base the party in the city for an extended period.

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This item is produced by Mark Brassington

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