Undermountain Set 04

Undermountain Set 04 Undermountain Set 04 Greetings adventurers!

This month we’ll be touring the dramatic sights of the Undermountain with rooms and junctions full of dark secrets and portals!

First of all though we’d like to apologize: the extras are delayed for the time being since one of us is sick and we’d like to have more on hand first before releasing the extras pack. We’re not really sure when we’ll beat this yet, but we’ve about 1/3 of the materials we had in mind so it’s slow-going! In the meantime though, we hope you’ll nonetheless have fun with the maps we’ve got for you!

In this first set is a simple dungeon level area with four distinct terrains that combines together to form a larger map! The south-western features a puzzle bridge into the catacombs, while the north-western side is a maze with hidden passages into and out of the area.

For the dramatic, the north-eastern map has got a summoning site that allows you to cross veils and portals… Provided you’ve got the right tools in bag!

All the maps in this set comes with a foggy variant plus an effect version for when you have succeeded in sacrificing the appropriate amulet!

At night, the ritual area shows the veil between worlds too!
And that’s all for this set, do stay with us for the next!

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