Undermountain Set 05

Undermountain Set 05 Undermountain Set 05 Welcome back, adventurers!

In this next set we’ve got the fourth and final part of the dungeon level map, with a southwestern chamber that connects to the crypts and a small summoner’s spot for those who dabble in the arts, with a rune-lined eastern room.

Also in this set is the Sundered Throne, one of the mini-areas in the level with its own suite of animated armors. It comes with its own uncomfortable seating, and a version in which whatever horror once sat here graces you with its presence:

And finally in this set too is one of the sewer entrances that leads back into the city, a junction crossing with strange water underfoot. Comes with a version with bloodied water, for when you just need some good ground to confront cultists, or travel into the dungen level seamlessly:

And that’s all for this set, do stay with us for the next!

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