Your 2-Minute November Update

Your 2-Minute November Update Your 2-Minute November Update Hello again, and happy November! It’s getting into my favorite part of the year now, where the weather gets chilly and the leaves all turn yellow and red. There’s no better time for bundling up with some tea and drawing some maps.
This past October we made some cool stuff, if I do say so myself. Connor and Hikaru both created multi-layer maps that expand upon existing (already huge) maps, and I tackled a complex series of stairways that resulted in a very interesting map. Our Token Team also made a bunch of new adventurers, slimes, and guards to add to your collection. Here are some handy shortcuts:
The Medieval City Streets by Connor Johnston @CocosTreasuryOfTokens A number of alleyways converge on a cobbled road enclosed by timber walls and colorful rooftops. The Arena of Earth by Ross McConnell An ancient stepwell long gone dry, now the training arena of a legendary monk. The Shipyard Warehouse by Hikaru, with variants by Rootyful A large storehouse for the various cargo that comes and goes through this busy port. New Tokens! October 2022 by Austin and David Conveniently packaged, pre-colored, ready-to-play versions of the tokens we created this month. On the bonus articles side of things, Garm and Troy both published some chunky resources, and I filled in the gap with a fun take on an old map:
Ooze on the Loose – Elemental Ooze Encounter for D&D 5E by Troy McConnell A reclusive wizard’s basement ritual room is filled with experimental, elemental oozes that must be dealt with before they escape. The City of Welnesgate by Garmbreak1 Welnesgate is a system-neutral city inspired by post-Roman London, with a notable class divide and a growing lycanthrope problem… A New ‘Jungle’ Variant for our Shifting Swamp Battle Map by Ross McConnell A small, free bonus post: a pleasant palette swap of an old map from 2017! We may not have released a sci-fi item this month, but that project is still underway! I have a few competing ideas right now, but we will soon see what wins out. I will be traveling a lot and don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, so it sure won’t be another complex stepwell! You can follow my progress in the “#wip-updates” channel on Discord if you’re interested. 😉
I’ll leave it at that for now, as I have some more map variants to publish and PSD rewards to share!
Have a good one, – Ross
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