Edict of Gloom Part 1 Trauma

Welcome to the first chapter of the Edict of Gloom, a modular tool kit for bringing dark fantasy to life at your table.

InPart I Trauma, we provide a framework to introduce the effects of psychological challenges onplayer characters’ minds. Beyond giving you mechanics, this supplement is full of advice and guidance onhow to use this system effectively, to better enable you to create dark fantasy stories in your game. There is also discussion on how you can use this system to enhancecharacter development and bolster roleplaying at your table.

Suitable for beginner and veteran GMs alike (jargon is minimal), this supplement includes

  • A base trauma mechanic that addresses the issues of previous systems and avoidsunnecessary complexity
  • A Short Term trauma system to provide GMs with varied and interesting effects that apply to player characters in combat and skill challenges
  • Long Term trauma mechanics that focus on driving character development that complements players’ visions of their characters
  • Four optional rules that can be used to create a game that is tailored to your players and canalter the atmosphere of your table
  • Plenty of advice and guidance on how to use these tools to create dark stories in your games
Example of a background 1

Alongside the written content, every page of this supplement has a high quality digital art background with a dark fantasy vibe to help get your creativity flowing when using this supplement. A text free artbook is included alongside the main supplement, as well as a print friendly version without background images.

Another background example

This supplement has been crafted with a love for dark fantasy and deeply human stories. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing and designing it, and that it helps you bring a dark and melancholy tone to your games, the way it has my own.

In the meantime…

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