The Dragon War An Epic Level One Shot Adventure

If you flee, the blood of the apocalypse is on your hands. If you fight, you’ll never taste freedom again. If you perish, you will continue to do so for eternity. In this Epic Level adventure, your true nature will be revealed.

Investigating a strange ruin, the party accidentally awakens a group of cursed, dueling dragons. Now part of the curse themselves, they have an important choice to make ending either in sacrifice or apocalypse.

Choosing sides with either good or evil, does your party have what it takes to fight not just one butfiveancient dragons? Even with unexpected allies, survival is not guaranteed. This will truly be a battle of epic level and consequence.

Another entry in our growing portfolio of Epic Level adventures, this one shot will take around 3 5 hours to run. With five pregenerated character sheets included, you can start right away or have fun making your own!

Or, for those currently playing a high level campaign, this adventure could be the perfect sendoff for your party (or just a single character, if desired). After all, we wouldn’t say ‘epic’ if it wasn’t true.

Including appendices and printouts to help make combat between multiple ancient dragons flow smoothly, we’ve spent a lot of time writing and playtesting this adventure. We hope you enjoy it!

This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product 16 of 20 for 2022. Follow us on Twitter (@TheGodTrials) or Instagram (the_god_trials) for updates! New adventures will be released every Saturday.

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This is intended as a single session adventure (around 3 5 hours), meant to be played as a one shot or dropped into any existing world or campaign.

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