Wild Vampire Hunt A supplement for Curse of Strahd

Wild Vampire Hunt

A Supplement For Curse of Strahd

Pursue a lead given to you by the devil himself as you hunt the streets and buildings of Vallaki to prevent disaster in this adventure for the world’s greatest role playing game

Strahd Von Zarovich has placed a clutch of six vampire spawn made from previously slain adventurers within the confines of Vallaki. A letter reaches the newest batch of adventurers, asking them not to intervene as he brings this wayward town back into the fold.

This, of course, is a win win situation for the lord of Barovia. If the adventurers heed his word, he will bring his terror to Vallaki with a strength never had before. On the other hand, if they do interfere, he can witness his newest guests struggle to save the town and gain a glimpse of what awaits them in this dark place.

This supplement can augment your Curse of Strahd campaign or be run as a stand alone adventure for a band of level 8 characters. In either case, the random placement and events should give your table a unique experience.

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