Pilgrims Pilgrims I feel a little better and I think we have answered everyone. If I have left anyone out, please write me back.
We start with the Ts of the month dedicated to the pilgrims :). As you decided, we are going to focus on the unity of the pilgrims and the reliquary. We are going to sculpt many things that have never been done before, so that in a unit of 20, you don’t need to repeat any miniature 🙂
Some of you may have noticed that the price has changed to 10 euros. This is something that only applies to new users. The prices that you have the oldest users will remain the same as long as you remain in the Patreon.
We have also activated the annual subscription, which leaves the price at approximately 9 euros per month.
In a few days we will be voting, so keep thinking about what you would like to see in them 🙂

Check it out!