Barbarian Path of the Grave Touched


“In that moment, I thought to myself “This is it”. The orc, however, just stood there, completely unfazed by the charging goblins. Just as the lead goblin was about to reach her, I saw this blue light shimmer around her. I could swear there was an elf standing in the exact same spot as her. And then she darted forward and phased right through that first goblin. You should’a seen its face! Then the orc let out this blood curdling scream. The remaining goblins squealed in pain, covered their ears, and turned tail and ran. They looked like they’d just seen a ghost!” Snrub’s Obscure Lore You Should Know For Sure, Volume 8 Chapter 5.

At 3rd level, a barbarian gains the Primal Path feature, which offers you the choice of a subclass. Serious Wizness presents a new option for haunted heroes the Path of the Grave Touched.

Many creatures remain bound to locations and objects in the material world as spirits after they die. In some rare cases, a spirit finds itself bound to another creature. Referred to as Grave Touched, these heroesconnect and bond with the lost spirit that now resides within them, and the two souls are able to draw upon the supernatural powers that brought them together to accomplish far greater things together than they could ever have hoped to achieve apart.

With your purchase you receive

The Path of the Grave Touched Primal Path option for the Barbarian class

3 new magic items

A new spellséance






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