Vega’s Guide to Multiverse’s and Marketing

Welcome Back Darling, There is Much More To See…

Wherever you find yourself in this vast multiverse, you can always be sure that you will be able to find a Phantom Street, but what does one even look like? Beyond the scope of Cosmos Curiosities what other people populate these extraplanar spaces?

Vega’s Guide to Multiverse’s and Marketing sets out to give DM’s and players an overview of these spaces while also giving you enough freedom to build off of. Featuring 4 new races, 5 new backgrounds, 40 new items, NPC’s, random encounter tables and more. Vega and her new hires Cataron and Juniper take readers on a whirlwind tour of the vastness of the Phantom Streets and even into deeper Wildspace. Step inside Cosmos Curiosities once again and see what new cosmic wonders await you.

If you want 42 more items and more lore about Vega you can check out her first book. Cosmos Curiosities The Onestop Shop In the Multiverse.https// Curiosities The One Stop Shop in the Multiverse?term=Cosmos+Curi

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