Dragonlance Companion

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The authors of the platinum bestselling Feywild Companion and Fizban’s Vault of Draconic Secrets, bring you a 180 page book over six months in the making.

The world of Krynn is yours with the Dragonlance Companion. Players and DMs will find everything they need to create compelling characters and undertake exciting adventures across Ansalon and beyond.

  • 3 classic races including 3 subraces
  • 13 subclasses including one for each class
  • 2 backgrounds with 7 feats
  • 19 spells
  • 16 magic items
  • 6 legacy items that evolve based on your actions
  • 100 trinkets
  • 9 monsters and 44 stat blocks
  • 21 deities with piety and herald items that improve with piety
  • 2 adventures (tier 1 and tier 2)
  • 2 encounters
  • 70 adventure hooks
  • Time travel options
  • Digital edition includes 88 VTT tokens and 2 maps (with 4 variations each – 72DPI, 300DPI, grid, gridless)
  • Digital edition is fully bookmarked and hyperlinked for ease of use
  • Digital edition includes printer friendly version

Classic races and subraces

Play as a mighty draconian, including three distinctly different subraces inspired by the Dragonlance classics. Make your way through Krynn as a half ogre or journey away from Icereach as a walrusfolk thanoi. Each of the races includes lore and an exclusive racial feat.


Dragonlance Companion contains 13 Krynn inspired subclasses, one for each class including the artificer. Craft your own minion as a Flesh Sculptor artificer or follow the Path of the Dragon as a barbarian. Use Krynn’s history to your advantage as a College of the Ages bard or explore your connection to a dragonarmy as a Fewmaster fighter. And that’s just a few of the subclasses that await you inside!


With the Dragonlance Companion’s backgrounds you can play as a Knight of Neraka or a Seeker Guard. Both include feats that build upon each other making your background selection even more definitive for your character.

Dragonlance Companion includes new spells as well as those converted from past editions. Bring time travel to your table with spells like detect temporal anomaly, nullify, paradox, time hop, and timereaver. Attack with electricity using spells such as crackling sphere, Dalamar’s lightning lance, and electrical storm. These are just a few of the spells that await your caster inside this book’s pages.


From common to artifact, Dragonlance Companion brings you magic items of every rarity. Classic pieces such as the hoopak, the device of time journeying, and frostreaver join new items like the hidden dagger sheath, spell runes, and many more.

The book also includes legacy items, a brand way to enjoy magic objects. While there are many third party systems that offer items that level with characters, legacy items increase in power when a catalyst occurs, such as a specific action or a great deed. While these events can be tied to levels, the fact that they don’t have to be makes them more scalable than other such designs. We even include instructions on how to create your own legacy items.

Plus, we include over 100 Dragonlance themed trinkets to give to your characters or place in the loot of an enemy for some Krynn flavor.


The Dragonlance Companion includes a bestiary featuring classic and new monsters. Old favorites like the amphidragon, dream wraith, fetch, and more are detailed, including adventure hooks. In addition, new creatures such as the bone amalgamation, cat fiend, and ghost rat are profiled, each with ties to Krynn.

Throughout the book, you’ll find over 40 stat blocks ranging from CR 1/8 to 14. Plus, we include a table of creatures from other sourcebooks to help you populate Ansalon.

Adventures and Encounters

The Dragonlance Companion includes two complete adventures, one for Tier 1 and one for Tier 2. With references linking the two together, DMs can run both for a complete campaign or use them separately. Our tier 1 adventure takes players to classic Dragonlance locations such as Solace, the Inn of the Last Home, and even the Tower of High Sorcery. Our tier 2 adventure pits the adventurers against a contingent of the White Dragonarmy, facing off against minotaurs and draconians in a race against time.

In addition, we include two encounters in Solamnia. Players can rescue priests from a cult of Chemosh or rescue some Knights of Solamnia who are being hunted by draconians. And, to provide even more opportunity for adventure, we present 70 adventure hooks tied to the contents of the book so that DMs can even use player facing content to craft their stories.


The gods of Krynn are numerous. They’re all profiled in Dragonlance Companion so that you can quickly bring them to life. The gods of light, darkness, and balance each include piety mechanics so that their followers may be rewarded. In fact, some adherents may become heralds of the gods, wielding powerful herald items that increase in power as their piety grows. Wield the Harvester of Souls as a devotee of Chemosh or unleash the power of the Black Tome as a follower of Nuitari. These are just a few of the herald items that await you inside the Dragonlance Companion.

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