FREE Sci Animated HD/UHD

FREE Sci-Fi Dropship – Animated HD/UHD FREE Sci-Fi Dropship – Animated HD/UHD Well, Darktide came out recently and I’ve been having a blast with it!
I created this scene more as a homage to one of my favourite Sci-Fi universes but thought it would make a great, free mini-release. I had to give it a go and throw it out there for everybody! Included is several images along with an animated “in flight” transparent WebM file, so you can place it over your own backgrounds (for example some of my earlier released space ones) as well as a floaty-cloud version!
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Praise be to the God-Emperor of Mankind!

Accreditation This is obviously offered completely free as it is based on the Imperial Guard Valkyrie and thus is unofficial art of the Warhammer universe. All intellectual properties are owned by Games Workshop Ltd. The original 3D Dropship exterior model was designed by TNNV and is used under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

Check it out!