Illustrated tokens Heroes and monsters starter set

After yet another night of fights where the heroes and foesare impersonated by saltshackers, bottle caps, an apple, my dog, and whatever we found lying around, i said

By the power of me holding this pen and sleepless nights, i say we use something decent looking to play with for once!”

and so i made these printable tokens.
(of course we kept using random stuff, it still is more stupid and fun, but hey, i still made these in the meantime!)


With this pack i offer you a bunch ofprintable tokenswithhigh quality illustrationsthat you can use to indicate your players and monsters.
I made these with Dnd in mind, but you are free to use them in whatever game you are able to fit them into.

They are not circular like many other are simply because i thought this shape would’ve been easier to cut precisely than a circle.
They should also be able to fit into status rings, but i couldn’t test this properly, so sorry in case i triggered your ocd with those.

When downloading you will obtain

  • 6PNGssheets ready to print with all of the tokens, both enemies and characters disposed in different orders and groups, to account for different needs on the spot.
  • 7ALTsversion of the previous sheets, with different “skins” for monsters and characters and numbered tokens.
  • 2 Grid PNGto use if you want to assemble a new printing sheet yourself.
  • 2 Folderswith all the single colored illustrations and bases for every token, feel for you to use and reassemble.





This is a “print and play” product, so you are free to make this tokens into whatever shape, material, format you prefere.
For a quick way to have them physically and with a little bit of thickness, i recommend this print the token sheet, glue it or attach it with a double sided tape onto some cardboard of preferred thickness and then cut the shapes;in a few minutes you’vemade a bunch of solid tokens.

A note on printingcheck to see if the brightness of the drawings is right for you before going with any expensive material; i’ve tuned the file as well as i could i think, butmy monitor and printer may differ from yours.

You are free and encouraged toleave feedback! i really want to know if this design and structure worked for you, and if not what i could do to improve upon it. Infact, i may change illustrations based on feedback i receive, if i’m convinced;i’m satisfied with the result, but things can always be improved and made clearer.
If i ever change illustrations for the tokens, the old ones will be put into a “Legacy” folder within the pack, so it won’t be lost.

Plus, if you’d like a more customized and tailor made tokens for your games, feel free to reach out to me, i gladly accept commissions for personalized designs

If you’d like me to do more of these and would like to show that in a different way than buying this, i have also a patreon! not much to see there at the moment, but if it manages to grow i will for sure fill it up more with interesting things and perks!

With all of that said, enjoy this little additions to your gamesand have fun!

© 2022.This workis licensed underCC BY NC 4.0

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