Smoke & Thunder Collection Firearms and More! (BUNDLE)

Anything That Bangs or Booms

All the weapons and adventuring gear you need to take your game beyond swords and crossbows. Smoke & Thunder is a bestselling guide to all firearms from the invention of gunpowder through revolvers to plasma rifles and beyond. All divided into 7 eras for your convenience.Chock full of advice on how to balance and handle firearms whether you’re running high fantasy, steampunk, historical, modern, cyberpunk, or Spelljammer.Not overpowered! Not restricted to a special class!

Volume 2 covers all kinds of explosives and artillery. Dynamite, smoke bombs, powder kegs, firecrackers, rocket launchers, grenades, tear gas, cannons, mortars, railguns, particle torpedoes, and so much more. Includes sample vehicles for four eras.

Both guides include plenty of additional adventuring gear and accessories like scopes, specialty ammo, enhanced armors, and adventuring gear. Plus feats, fighting styles, new spells, and advanced variant rules. There’s even two new combat actions Aim and Provide Cover Fire.


  • Over 60 firearms
  • 40 explosives
  • 37 artillery pieces
  • 13 spells
  • 11 feats
  • 7 fighting styles

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418652 thumb140.jpg Smoke & Thunder 2 Explosives and Artillery For Fifth Edition
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Bring Out The Big Guns! Copper bestsellerSmoke & Thunder gave you personal firearms for any technology level… Now Smoke & Thunder 2 does the same for explosives and artillery. In this guide, you’ll get bombs you can throw, rules for placed charges, cannons, howitzers, mortars, and torpedoes—spread across every era from the late middle ages to the far flung space faring future! From gunpowder kegs to shoulder fired nuclear rockets, and from organ guns to laser cannons, this guide has it all. But these items don’t just deal damage. There are smoke bombs, tear gas, and parayzing tachyon grenades, too. We’re using “explosive” and “artillery” a little broadly to cover any item that expels an area of effect or a weapon that’s too big to just walk around with and is more advanced t…

408709 thumb140.png Smoke & Thunder Firearms For Fifth Edition
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Firearms At Any Technology Level! Would you like to add guns to your medieval fantasy or Spelljammer campaign, or even run D&D in a modern or future setting, and need the weapon and gear stats to make it happen? Smoke & Thunder makes firearms available to all characters, regardless of class, across a wide range of time periods and genres. The rules inside make firearms formidable without making them the only practical choice of weapons. In short, Smoke & Thunder balances all eras’ weapons against each other—giving you guns that blow away the bad guys without blowing up your game! 19 pages! (Plus front and back covers.) WHAT’S INSIDE Tips on including firearms in your game and how to limit or expand PC access. Firearms from five different historical periods, from late medie…

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