The Aesthetics Guide to Ansalon Catalogue of Magic Items and Artifacts

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of books compiled over two years of research into the epic series of Dragonlance novels plus Dragonlance modules from across systems and editions, ranging from the earliest AD&D material to the 3.5 updates.

These guides update all of the old material, collecting information from across sources to create the most complete collection of information possible on everything already established about the continent of Ansalon all updated for Dungeons and Dragons 5e!

This volume collects together the treasures of Ansalon, providing a full catalogue of ever magic items and artifact that appeared in classic modules and updating their rules for 5e.

Within these pages, you will find famed prizes and obscure tools, ranging from the mighty Dragonlances and Dragonorbs themselves, to the lesser known Alurashen (Ghost Blade), items blessed by the gods, and the fabledKender Spoon of Turning.

Every item that ever appeared in a classic Dragonlance module is here, even those only referenced and never before given rules.

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of 21 books covering every location on Ansalon, plus complete guides to magic items and a Bestiary of all creatures that include in these modules. Look out for more to be released in the near future!

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