The Aesthetics Guide to Ansalon Palanthas and Solamnia

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of books compiled over two years of research into the epic series of Dragonlance novels plus Dragonlance modules from across systems and editions, ranging from the earliest AD&D material to the 3.5 updates.

These guides update all of the old material, collecting information from across sources to create the most complete collection of information possible on everything already established about the continent of Ansalon all updated for Dungeons and Dragons 5e!

Amongst these guides, the locations manuals provide the most information on all of the sites and nations of Ansalon, detailing everything known about every known location on the continent, from it’s most obvious settlements to hidden and obscure mysteries that can enhance your Dragonlance adventures.

These guides also include updates to every known short adventure set in their respective regions and at the time of the War of the Lance, presented at the back of each guide as Side Quests.

This book covers the nations of Palanthasand Solamnia two of the most powerful places in Ansalon at the start of the War of the Lance. Palanthas is the mighty lordcity most prized by the invading Dragonarmies, whilst Solamnia is the home of the Knights of Solamnia who stand as the last line of defence against the coming menace.

Also included within the realm of Solamnia are two places of great note the city ofKalaman around which the moduleShadow of the Dragon Queen is set, and the terrifyingDargaard Keep, home of the Death KnightLord Soth, presented and fully mapped in it’s original form in this guide should a party want a real challenge.

Side Quests updated to 5e from older editions that are included in this guide are Kodragons, Dragon Peak of Palanthas, Death Knight, Red Dragon lair, Dreamwraith, Knight Haunts, Wayward Waylan, A Knight’s Sword and Mother Love.

These guides have been designed assuming a path through the War of the Lance, and have therefore been balanced for levels 9 to 10.

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of 21 books covering every location on Ansalon, plus complete guides to magic items and a Bestiary of all creatures that include in these modules. Look out for more to be released in the near future!

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