The Aesthetics Guide to Ansalon The War of the Lance Quest Guide

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of books compiled over two years of research into the epic series of Dragonlance novels plus Dragonlance modules from across systems and editions, ranging from the earliest AD&D material to the 3.5 updates.

These guides update all of the old material, collecting information from across sources to create the most complete collection of information possible on everything already established about the continent of Ansalon all updated for Dungeons and Dragons 5e!

The War of the Lance is the great story of the Dragonlance setting, and this guide presents the first step on that journey. Within these pages you will find notes on some of the major factions of the setting that players may choose to alligjn themselves with theKnights of Solamnia, theOrders of High Sorcery and the various religious orders that have existed around krynn during the Age of Despair.

You will also find notes on character creation options and suggestions for a DM planning to run a game set around the War of the Lance, and ways to weave characters into the existing story.

Also included in this book are descriptions and chronological series of events for the major storylines that played out during the Dragonlance Chronicles adventures, including theWar of the lance itself, the journey of Berem the Everman, the search for Dragonlances, the search for Dragonorbs, the path of Fizban the Fabulous, and the all out war waged by the Knight of Solamnia.

Additional to this are two options for player characters to take on roles played out in the Chronicles trilogy, those of the prophet the first true Cleric in 300 years and the scheming of Fistandantilus a long dead archmage who may serve as a spellcaster’s patron…

Note Character options presented in this book, as well as character creation restrictions based on classes and races, are suggestions only intended to emulate the setting as it is presented in the novels.

THE AESTHETICS GUIDE TO ANSALON is a series of 21 books covering every location on Ansalon, plus complete guides to magic items and a Bestiary of all creatures that include in these modules. Look out for more to be released in the near future!

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