The Black Lotus, An Adventure in Shankhabhumi (Radiant Citadel)

A dark power grows as an evil druid seeks to wrest control of the rivers in Shankhabhumi from the riverines by imbuing a corpse lotus with riverine and human blood. Can the party stop the ritual and save the sacrifices? Or will they lose all their treasure to lovelorn and status seeking bullywug knight along the way?

This adventure is set in the civilisation of Shankhabhumi fromJourneys Beyond the Radiant Citadel, either before or after “The Mists of Manivarsha” takes place, and is intended for a party of four level 9 characters. Shakabhumi is a watery land of forest inspired in part by the Sundarbans, a massive mangrove forest on the Bay of Bengal that is home to a huge variety of wildlife. Alternative setting suggestions are given.

This adventure includes

  • the adventure itself, in a compact, easy to read format;
  • advice to the DM about difficulty scaling, alternative settings, and pertinent rules; as well as how to link to the Radiant Citadel adventure “Mists of Manivarsha.”;
  • two original maps (Dusitna Pool and Bullywug Encounter), provided gridded and ungridded;
  • four NPC profiles (Mandajadu, SenatorChakrayudh, Padma Chakrayudh, and Pradhubyana), complete with physical descriptions, personality descriptions, and goals;
  • all the necessary stat blocks (including two originalmonsters, an archdruid of spores and an aquatic variant of the corpse flower called the corpse lotus). In addition, all the original items are available as published homebrew on DnD Beyond, and all the stat blocks are linked for DM ease; and
  • a simplified layout version of the adventure with larger text, intended to enhance accessibility, is also included. Both versions are tagged PDFs.

This adventure has been playtested (not by the author’s home group, but by real honest to goodness other people)!

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