The Prismatic Drow

A child’s imagination is precious and unbound. This adventure explores one child’s drawings when she was 5 years old, reimagined by her father and redesigned by her babysitter.

Enter the pocket underdark world of Vrammaen, home of the eight drow families isolated from the rest of the underdark. One of these families, the sheperds of Lolth have secrets that lie deep and bound by blood.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? This adventure is designed to aid the DM in being as wholesome or challenging as they may like. Is this a failytale or a cruel look into a forgotton world cloaked in shadow? YOU DECIDE. This module is a great addition to any underdark, feywild, Beyond the Witchlight or Out of the Abyss/Rage of Demons Campaign!

This module is designed for Levels 2 7 and should be easily scalable.

It features

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