By Right of Revenge

A Dragonlance Adventure for 5th 7th level

Retrieving Dragon Army defectors gets complicated when they turn out to be draconian troops! Hunted by an inquisitor and victims of the troop’s prior campaign, the characters must weigh duty and remorse against the right of revenge.

This adventure takes place in the Northern Wastes and is designed to fit into aShadow of the Dragon Queen campaign. It is presented in three main sections and a conclusion

  • Part I. The Defectors. The characters are ordered to rendezvous with Dragon Army deserters, only to discover they are a troop of draconians.
  • Part II. Traps and Travel. While traveling the characters are attacked by unexpected enemies from the Dragon Army and the draconians’ past.
  • Part III. Rescuing Ruthbredge. The draconians seek to make amends for their past wrongs.
  • Conclusion. Final guidelines on where to leave the adventure and the draconian troop.

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