Dungeon Tiles (Pack 5)

Dungeon Tiles (Pack 5) Dungeon Tiles (Pack 5) This is a sample 20×20 battle map tile from this dungeon tile set.

These are geomorphs and can be rotated for more variation.
These tiles are made to work with the other dungeon tiles I’ve released on this Patreon.
The VTT file is attached to this post or you can use this link to get the sample tile.
Full set of tiles Available for Patrons This tile set has 10 unique 20×20 tiles each with a ‘flipped’ and re-coloured version to add even more variety.

That’s a lot of dungeon (100×80 in total) which also work with the 4 packs of Dungeon Tiles already released to make some huge layouts.
Patrons gain access to all tiles in this pack as well as the rest of over 455 unique maps already released on this Patreon. This includes versions at print (300DPI) quality.
These tiles can be used to extend many of my other dungeon maps and the other tile packs I’ll be creating in the future to expand on the current packs.

[VTT – 140DPI] – Zip file with 20 map tiles [Print – 300DPI] – Zip file with 20 map tiles If you’re not a Patron then these links won’t work, however you can always check out my Free Maps to have a better look at a wider sample of what’s on offer.

I have a selection of maps freely available too. This post has all of the free content for this Patreon head over and take a look.

Check it out!