Incarnate Class Guide

Do you want to play a brute? A true destructive maelstrom of a class? Do you want to charge into the enemy with nothing but your fists and destroy them? The Incarnate has been specifically made to invoke this fantasy! As an Incarnate you can be a brutal monster empowered by an inner wellspring of destructive force!
It’s powerful, it’s useful, it’s unique, and it’s so much FUN!

This PDF includes 20 pages of
A new unique ‘brute’ class for 5e
5 monstrous subclasses
39 magic items
3 statblocks to throw some destruction into your game!

What is the Incarnate? The Incarnate is what happens when a person is infused with the power normally reserved for the most powerful of beings! The class gains a number of dice you can use to empower your destructive strikes, and further improves to be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.
Subclass Focused. Unlike most classes, this class is heavily influenced by what subclass you choose. It gains class subclass features at Level 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 17, and 20, so the role and niche you fill can depend on the subclass!
Customisable. Alongside its powerful punches and cool subclass abilities, it can further diversify itself by choosing a number of ‘Manifestations’ that range from having a better chance to succeed certain ability checks to being able to punching people around the battlefield! With so many subclasses and ways to diversify your character’s abilities, no two Incarnates will be the same!
Endless Narrative Potential. Not only are Incarnates highly customisable and fun to play, but they have a tonne of roleplaying potential! Think of how many cool backstories you can make with a character who gains aberrant, colossus, fiendish, radiant, or undead themed origins!

Grab the Incarnate and DESTROY ALL IN YOUR PATH!

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