Mages of High Sorcery Backgrounds & Spells for Dragonlance

Be a renegade mage. Or hunt them.

The magic users of Krynn often belong to the Mages of High Sorcery, an ancient society for mages of all descriptions, though wizards are the most common. Spellcasters who are part of the society are dedicated to one of three orders, each dedicated to a specific god of magic and the associated moon.

There are three orders the Order of the White Robes, the Order of the Red Robes, and the Order of the Black Robes. They are good, neutral, and evil aligned in that order, and each is dedicated to a unique philosophy of magic usage. The three orders function as one organization overseen by the Conclave, but their methods and goals are distinct.

This supplement expands on the Mages of High Sorcery in fifth edition, adding additional character options like the renegade mage and renegade mage hunter backgrounds. In addition, it provides 10 new spells to aid immersion in your games.

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