Shipwrecked in the Sea of Madness (SJ DC ANGKA 03)

Shipwrecked in the Sea of Madness

When a spelljammer ship is dragged into a wormhole, the worst thing that could happen is to be far flung and end up in an entirely different space system.
But not all wormholes are the same, especially not the one you encountered.
Shipwrecked in a strange, alien location, can you even hope to escape?

A Two Hour eldritch horror survival adventure for Tier 1 characters.

Optimized for APL 3.

Wildspace systemAngka

Inside you’ll find

  • An eldritch horror survival one shot adventure focusing on exploration and combat
  • Standard and Printer Friendly PDF files of the adventure
  • Guidance on how to adjust each encounter to fit your party’s level from Very Weak to Very Strong
  • Stat blocks for all NPCs and creatures appearing in the adventure
  • Overview of the Angkaspace system and all its planets
  • Map Pack Gridded and gridless full resolution color maps and overlays for Virtual Tabletop use and printer friendly version for in person play
  • Author’s notes with thoughts and advice on each encounter
Adventure ThemesEldritch Horror and Cosmic Dread
Content WarningGore (Blood, Dismemberment), Horror (Eldritch, Body, Eye, Teeth), Mental Health (Madness)

Adventure byJohann Taslim

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