Stranger Dragons 9 Templates to Mix Up Your Dragons

Stranger Dragons

Dragons as presented in the Monster Manual and other sourcebooks are both varied and similar. As of this book’s writing, more than a dozen different types of dragons exist, from the fearsome chromatic dragons to the noble metallic dragons to the mysterious gemstone dragons. Each has its own unique personality, quirks, lair habits, treasure preferences, and more—and yet, in combat, they often play in very repetitive ways. Breath Weapon, Bite, Claws, repeat—snore.

Stranger Dragons is a collection of templates that can be applied to the existing wealth of different dragon stat blocks. These templates make dragons even more varied and strange, from templates that mimic player classes to weird supernatural transformations, akin to the dracolich or the shadow dragon in the Monster Manual. The lore of these templates is written in the context of the Dragonlance setting, but the templates themselves can easily be used in any setting that features dragons.

Includes 9 New Templates

THE BONDED DRAGON, who fights alongside a dragonrider companion.

THE DOMINION DRAGON,who has absorbed the power of aDragon Orband conquers the will of other dragons.

THE DRAGON ARMIGER, who wears special armor and wields gigantic weapons to fight other dragons.

THE DRAGON BARD, who roars the Songs of Creation to weave bardic magic.

THE DRAGON MAGE, who studies the arcane and channels the power of the moons in battle.

THE DRAGON NECROMANCER, who prepares for the rites of the dracolich by absorbing the souls of fallen foes.

THE DRAGON PRIEST, who dedicates their life (and hoard) to the service of a dragon god, gaining holy magic in the process.

THE DREAMING DRAGON, a feral psychic projection of a dragon caught in dragonsleep.

THE SPIRIT DRAGON, a noble dragon who remains on the Material Plane after death to pursue a virtuous goal.

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