SUPER SIMPLE D&D (Adventure at Camp Orchard)




You really want your friends and family to play a TTRPG with you but they are concerned that you may open a portal to hell or spend countless hours in a musty basement contracting some kind of mold borne illness?

But you know deep down that even with these concerns they would have so much fun if they just played…and they probably want to but don’t know how. They may have expressed that there are too many rules, too many weird shaped dice, or they don’t know how to win D&D.

This module has everything you need to bring your apprehensive family and friends to the table for an evening of adventure! You will find simplified and easy to understand character sheets that are already complete and ready to play. They can play all night using only the familiar D6 so you do not need to spend time telling them that the D4 looks like a little pyramid or that the D12 is in fact not a fat D20 and you can focus on fun and adventure. For those who are apprehensive to be in a world with magic this world is magic free, maybe it’s just a dream, so no need to worry about accidentally opening a portal to hell or letting a demon loose to wreak more havoc than that one time when your uncle Daryl drank to many wine coolers and threw all the lawn chairs into the lake.

My friends, you have found your gateway adventure to finally get your friends and family to play at TTRPG with you and maybe even convince your Aunt Sharon that you don’t talk to demons with that unholy dice that has far too many sides and obvious malintent.

It could be that this was all just my experience and your friends and family love games, but if not this is the best place for you to start!

This module has the following

  • Simple task based fetch quest adventure.

  • Simple pre made Character Sheets

  • Simple pre made Maps

  • D6 Dice use only

  • Fun

  • Cooperation

  • Free of hell portal openings

  • Comfort in the knowledge that this is a safe introduction for any apprehensive players. In fact, this module was play tested at church camp with zero complaints or concerns from parents or staff. Furthermore, several staff asked to play a session after the campers were all asleep, which we did and it was a blast!

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