Swamp Water Spies

On Conch Shell Island, the adventurers’s ship is busted, and they have to ask the locals for a gig. Fortunately for them, the local goblins have a bounty on the heads of some tricky grungs. Seems that the grungs are acting as lookouts for a pirate gang, and their job is to report back when they see an unprotected vessel. The adventurers have to put a stop to it, but the job isn’t that simple. The grungs have a tree fort that magically moves around the island. The adventurers will have to brave the jungle, get the help of a wandering goblin gang, and then go on a killing spree of poison skinned grungs. Seems like a simple job for those who stare death in the face everyday.

This mini campaign is designed for LV.2 Characters.

This item has a PAY WHAT YOU WANT price.

This item is produced by Justin Blasdel

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