The Test of High Sorcery

The Test of High Sorcery

A 4th level adventure to play alone or with friends!

So you want to be a Mage of High Sorcery? To join the esteemed organization, you must travel to the Tower of Wayreth and undertake the most important event in your life—the harrowing Test of High Sorcery! If you can survive where so many aspiring mages have failed, you will forever bind your soul to the Gods of Magic and gain access to untold arcane secrets.

The Test of High Sorcery is the perfect adventure for new and veteran players looking to experience Dungeons & Dragons in a new way! It is a solo adventure, where your choices have meaningful consequences, but it also provides balanced rules to play with a group or a Dungeon Master. This 154 page tome features

  • A sprawling adventure that fits perfectly as an expansion to any Dragonlance campaign, Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen, or as a stand alone replayable experience

  • A tale full of sorcerous intrigue, featuring many new characters alongside iconic favorites like Fistandantilus, Takhisis, Fizban the Fabulous, and the Gods of Magic

  • Innovative Destiny and Trait mechanics make your choices really matter—and ensure every mage’s Test of High Sorcery is a unique experience

  • Over 60 possible outcomes to determine which Order of High Sorcery you join and provide compelling new plot hooks for your character during future adventures

  • Dozens of unique locations with rich stories and sorcerous challenges that Dungeon Masters can use to create their own version of the Test of High Sorcery

  • New magic items and stat blocks, with mechanics that support clever use of enemies’ weaknesses and the environment against them

  • Four gorgeous sample characters, with interactive character sheets designed to be new player friendly so that you can jump right into the story

  • A detailed primer on the history of Krynn and how it relates to the Mages of High Sorcery

  • A community survey when you finish to let you see how you compare to other mages taking their Tests of High Sorcery

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