Axlar Cruiser

Axlar Cruiser Axlar Cruiser Hey folks! Got our regular airship release here made in collaboration with our friends at Arcane Minis! This time featuring the Axlar Cruiser, a multi-level vessel featuring some more monstrous accessories (as well as a lot of firepower):

The Axlar’s hardened, spiked shell, massive claws, and eerily glowing tentacles make it an impressive enemy all by itself, to say nothing of its crew and extra cannons. If you’re interested in seeing more about this ship, the world-building the Arcane Minis team has done around it, and even full-on adventures utilizing these ships please visit their page on the Mini Factory website where they utilize a patreon-esque subscription model.
What’s Included for Download: PNG files of each distinct level of the Axlar Encounter-scale breakdowns of the ship’s layout all arranged within the same image for easier immediate handling in-game VTT-Compressed versions of all files for easier handling online Gridded and non-gridded versions of all of the above A labeled, high res version of the ship’s areas (as previewed) Axlar Cruiser ZIP Download Like airships? See all the ones we’ve made so far using the tag below!
Axlar Cruiser Roof PSD Download ($3+)
Axlar Cruiser Top Level PSD Download ($3+)
Axlar Cruiser Mid Level PSD Download ($3+)
Axlar Cruiser Bottom Level PSD Download ($3+)

Check it out!