Safana’s Hoard of Mini Games

Fun For All

Sometimes breaking up the monotony of going from side quest to side quest destroying all who stand in your way is needed for a well paced story. That’s where Safana’s Hoard of Mini Games shines. These easy to learn and play mini games can lead to endless role play opportunities and inject some light hearted fun into your next Dungeons and Dragons game.


  • 2 games of pure luck
  • 8 skills based games
  • 3 standalone dice games
  • 3 chance and betting games


“It’s like these games were meant to be in D&D”

“Finally, a carnival game that isn’t all about Strength or Dexterity my Wizard can win”

“This has the classics that I know I like, and some cool new games I can’t wait to try at my table”

“I can’t tell if it’s my character or me that is addicted to this”

“I would even play some of these games just for fun”

Check out Safana’s Hoard of Mini Games now and think of all the possibilities for more fun at your table!



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