The Illicit Illithiad

My mind is not my own. The things from beyond have taken it. They leave me snippets of time and thought to myself, and let me write this, why?”

The Illicit Illithiad.

Hidden Secrets of the fell and foul mind flayers.

17 new or updated mind flayer and mind flayer adjacent monsters, including the terrifying Eldest Brain and the True Flayer.

My Alternate Ecology of Mindflayers.

My Work on Drive Thru

My Work on DM’s Guild

On DM's Guild, My Alternate Ecologies Series Eye of Eternity, a new take on beholders with new monsters and a campaign framework. Dragon Queen Blues, with the Alternate Ecology of Dragons, Dragonborn and Kobolds And an example dragon, lair and encounters for lvl 10.

Blood of the Wolf, with my Alternate ecology of werewolves

On DM's Guild The Black Swamp Series Intended to span from 1st level through 20th level with a module for each level, equally suitable for a one shot or campaign play. Currently Available, The Sunken Temple of the Swamp God. an adventure for 4 6th lvl pcs Coming Soon, the base town, setting agnostic and fully fleshed out, with NPC's, maps, plot hooks, rumours....

Fantasy unbound. Tired of having a world that is just a hodgepodge of the same ten fantasy tropes? If you are then check out the Successor States of Rega. Familiar and new all at once, a world of infinite possibilities with new assumptions. Now an actual play. Products Ars Artifexam, a collection of iconic items for Rega The Beast Kin Vampires, animal undead returned for vengeance The Gods of Rega Collection, a fully fleshed out, progressive pantheon and some setting details, as well as several myths Spells Of Eloquence, unique and intriguing spells for your bards, as well as the College of Rhetoric subclass All available on Drive Thru RPG! Of Gods and Gamemasters

On Drive Thru, my Successor States of Rega products

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