Aberrant Apocrypha (BUNDLE)

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413223 thumb140.jpg Spawn of Khaos
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Dive into this 24 page pdf of monsters and madness! 8 new or updated monsters for 5e, An Alternate Ecology of Aboleths, an Alternate Cosmology of the Far Realm, and a new and twisted origin and connection for your aberrations and fiends! Includes The Elder Brain Aboleth The Abolethic titan The Shaboath Illith Skum and much more! My Work on Drive Thru My Work on DM’s Guild …

411386 thumb140.png The Eye of Eternity
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A ten page supplement explaining an alternate ecology for Beholders, presenting new monsters, and giving tips on a framework for using them in a full campaign. My Work on Drive Thru My Work on DM’s Guild …

419262 thumb140.png The Illicit Illithiad
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“My mind is not my own. The things from beyond have taken it. They leave me snippets of time and thought to myself, and let me write this, why?” The Illicit Illithiad. Hidden Secrets of the fell and foul mind flayers. 17 new or updated mind flayer and mind flayer adjacent monsters, including the terrifying Eldest Brain and the True Flayer. My Alternate Ecology of Mindflayers. My Work on Drive Thru My Work on DM’s Guild …

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