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A dying forest. A delightful town forged by a dark sacrifice. And the beating heart beneath it all—a derelict temple simmering with secrets.

Welcome to the Temple of Lies

Unwrap this player driven winter mystery for four to five characters of 5th level. No more railroads. Every decision matters and changes how the story unfolds. Branching paths, multiple dungeon entrances, and a myriad of potential conclusions—this adventure provides endless fun with rewarding choices and a range of challenges for any character.

Product Overview

  • 4 to 6 hours of play packed into 15 pages
  • High resolution VTT maps of the temple
  • 6 new monsters, including Brain in a Jar and Workshop Devils
  • 7 stand out NPCs with clear motivations players will love or love to hate
  • The perfect adventure for the holiday season, including a Midwinter festival with two classic games reimagined using D&D rules—snowball fight and charades
  • All magic items and stat blocks detailed in the appendices for easy reference

Content Warning Animal mutation, blood, enslaved devils, undead, torture,

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