A Sunless Space

A Sunless Space is a quick to play, two page tabletop roleplaying game of laser focused rebellion against an endless empire.



Players collaboratively decide on the setting (sci fi, fantasy, historical, modern), the form of their oppressor (a totalitarian government, an insidious AI, a powerful demon), the state of their rebellion (split factions, lone spies, soldiers), and how they will fight back (a heist, a rescue, an assassination, a jail break).

Rebel creation is quick and focused on why and how you rebel, rather than a list of more traditional skills and stats.

The game itself is played in three distinct phases The Day Before, The Day Of, and The Day Between. What final preparations do you make? How does the strike play out? How do you celebrate the victory or clean up your mess?


Designed for ~90 minute sessions. Inspired by Andor (2022). Mechanics loosely inspired by WEG’s Star Wars The Roleplaying Game (1987).

Includes Struggle and Rebel sheets (printer friendly/form fillable).

Writing, Layout by Christian Sorrell.
Art by Thomas Novosel.

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