Fallout Wasteland Warfare Print at Home Art Deco Statues

There are many enduring mysteries in the Wasteland Where do Iguana Bits come from? Who is the mysterious stranger? What does the Institutereallywant? One 200 year old mystery that bears closer inspection surrounds the art deco statuary found in seemingly unconnected locations across the Wasteland. What are they? Why are they there? These statues may simply be decorative motifs reflecting pre war optimism at moving forward into a future unaware that the Great War was just around the corner. After all, theyarein keeping with a relatively common architectural style from the pre war era, but is that all they are? The statues often appear on the concrete facades of buildings where powerful and important people once operated government sites, atomic corporations, wealthy oligarchs and industrial magnates. These monolithic icons are therefore closely associated with money and power, but many argue that simply speaks to the ego of pre war design.

Contrary to the view that these are merely decorative, there are others who attribute a greater, even religious, significance to them. But now, so long after the end of the old world, it seems we may never discover the truth of who or what these looming overseers were intended to represent. These statues have survived atomic bombs and 200 years of decay, and continue to evoke a sense of wonder for a strange lost age. Regardless of their origins or the intent behind their design, it seems inevitable that more mysteries and powerful people will continue to be drawn to these locations even now.

This 3D print product lets you print eight art deco statues to help build and elevate your tabletop scenes. Six of these pieces are sculpted with flat backs and designed to be used as decorative reliefs attached to walls or other terrain elements. Even unattached, they might make for great scatter terrain in the ruin of a larger location.

Files have been pre hollowed where possible, and all files include supported versions for easier printing.


  • Corner Angel Statue
  • Giant Head Statue
  • Kirby Head Statue
  • Metroman
  • Metrowoman 01
  • Metrowoman 02
  • Shroud Head Statue
  • Torso Man Statue

Please note this is an STL ONLY for 3D printing and not the physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use.

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