Hollow Pointe Terminal Battlemap Train Station Mines and Caves

Hollow Pointe Terminalis a massive2 leveldetailedgothic styletrain station with a mysterious past. This includes a train station, freight yard, abandoned mine shaft, and cavernous lake just to name a few!

In this map pack, you’ll receive2 detailed battlemaps,65×65 in size, in bothgridded and non gridded. Various resolutions of50, 70, 100, 140ppi, and 200ppi… perfect for use in VTT use and Print!

Points of Interest/Details of each floor


Train Station / Freight Yard(Floor 1)

The train station strikes a balance between grim and beauty, between grand and forgotten. Use this area to spy on incoming NPCs, eavesdrop on important conversations, and find an explosive before it detonates.

The freight yard has many cargo crates and a steampunk styled crane. It also has a small guard station at the gate and several ways to get to the lower levels, including a storm drain and dry storage storm door.This area can be used for mob encounters where an illicit shipment goes sideways.


Train Station Rooms /Abandoned Mines / Cave Lake (Sub Level)

The rooms accessed by the teller door lead to several areas where train records and other official items are kept safe. Old passageways are locked and sealed off from general use. The Abandoned Mines could still have clues about what they were used for in the past. Gold?Coal?Buried Treasure?Legend has it that the train station was previously a temple to a famous pirate by the name of ‘Lucky’ Lucian Andromedas. Some say his treasure is hidden in the walls and lucky for you, DM, it is! A hidden compartment in the mine wall reveals Lucky’s tomb and a secret switch allows it to slide away from the wall, revealing a crawl space. Can the Heroes befriend the right NPCs andfind the right clues to unlock Lucky’s Lost Treasure?

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