The Clothier Artificer Specialization

An Artificer Specialization for Tailors, Seamstresses, and Textile Artists!

A Clothier is identified by the precision embroidery and expert skill used in making articles of clothing. These artistic artisans utilize their expertise in their craft to weave elements of magic directly into the very threads they sew. Creating looks that are stylish and practical on the battlefield and the royal hall. Indeed these artisans often find themselves in the employ of noble families around the world.

An Elf frets over her needlework as a skein of silk floats nearby, pins delicately placed into it. A Halfling undoes the expertly sewn clasp of his cloak and asks it to gently peek around the corner for guards. A Human pulls a thread from their patchwork quilt and uses it to quickly stitch a companion’s wound, where it softly fades into the skin.

As a Clothier, you and your Living Cloth can control the battlefield around you and make sure that you look good doing it. Perhaps your companions can use that extra sense of style too.

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