The Fallen Shrine 30×53 – Nature and the Wilderness

The Fallen Shrine 30×53 – Nature and the Wilderness The Fallen Shrine 30×53 – Nature and the Wilderness Hi all!
Delayed by one day (due to me moving house) I would like to present our second release for our Nature and the Wilderness theme: Fallen Shrine
A pairing of two fantastic ideas over on our Discord Server, Fallen Shrine is not only a huge battlemap but it also hides an entire Green Dragon Lair underneath!
I would also like to thank Anya, a member of our Discord Community, who came up with a great idea for how you guys might use this map. See that below.
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Adventure Idea: The Fallen Shrine
Your party hears tales of an ancient shrine to a long forgotten nature deity whilst drinking in a tumble down inn at the edge of a large forest.
Patrons tell of a huge tree that grows above a sacred pool, legend has it that the waters can turn even the most barren and lifeless soil into a verdant paradise. A valuable asset indeed.
Though they are warned that ‘the treefolk’ inhabit the grove now and don’t take too kindly to intruders, your party is confident that they can be victorious and venture forth in search of glory and treasure.
Little do they know that ‘the treefolk’ are in fact Leshen (or Leshy) who do indeed guard the shrine but more from within than without.
What the locals neglected to mention, or perhaps didn’t know, was that an Adult Green Dragon took up residence in the shrine, corrupting the water with its presence.
The Leshen, in order to protect the forest, charmed the Dragon to sleep beneath the shrine, using the residual nature magic to contain the fearsome creature.
The arrival of the party threatens to upset this delicate balance….
As always make sure to let me know what you think in the comments and on our discord server!

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Released under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license
George – The Reclusive Cartographer

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