100 Hooks and Rumours for Between (Lost Lands)

This supplement has 100 rumours that characters could hear in or about Between, reached from Castorhage, also called the Blight, of the Lost Lands setting. They could hear these rumours whilst asking around for other information, or stumble across them in other ways. Whether or not a rumour is true, false or somewhere in between is up to the GameMaster. The rumours can be used as a source of background colour, misinformation or as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • The City Watch and Royal Army have a post in Scrimshaw, the Scrimshaw Watchhouse, and opinion is divided on just whether a tour of duty in Scrimshaw is a good or bad thing. There are rumours that bad is currently winning, as it’s said more than a few members have had to be taken back to Castorhage because they were no longer in their right mind. Some say something is deliberately driving those serving out of their mind.
  • The Cloven Sea is a place where the Unsea is torn, revealing lands on the ocean bed between two great walls of water. It’s rumoured that there are ruins on the exposed seabed, and an expedition is being planned from Scrimshaw to descend to the bottom of the sea and explore the ruins to see what can be found.
  • The Crow’s Nest at the top of Scrimshaw is a balcony laden with siege weapons to defend against attacks by Between creatures. The watch is miserable and there are also rumours that the soldiers stationed there haven’t been maintaining the weapons, and have in fact been selling off some of the ammunition.
  • The Edge of the World is a point beyond which where the Unsea can simply not be navigated, a roiling mess of whirlpools that churns the water into foam. Some sailors do travel to the region, seeking a rare fish, a delicacy called the query, and some say that the whirlpools of the Edge of the World sometimes expand when a ship comes too close, dragging them in with what seems like deliberate intent.
  • The Factory of Scrimshaw is at sea level and is where Unsea whale carcasses are brought to be rendered. Recently, the Factory has been plagued by a series of accidents, and accidents in a place filled with sharp objects and tons of flesh can be very dangerous, if not fatal. Sabotage is suspected, but it isn’t known who would be trying to sabotage the place. Some suspect that Between itself may be causing things to go wrong.

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