A Midwinter’s Wizardry

Bold adventurers from afar! A peculiar oddity has befallen the northern section of the Sword Coast. Along the realms of Neverwinter, the jewel of the north, a deep snow has fallen. A snow so deep, it is currently being recorded in the history of the surrounding area for its descendants to read about ages later. It may just be snow, but a chilling wind has begun to blow. And the MOST peculiar thing is that, Neverwinter River… has… frozen. That’s right, it seems like those fire elementals keeping the river warm have just up and disappeared. Phandalin and Leilon have begun to suffer drastically from the snow, as Phandalin relies on miners to work deep in the mines, but this snow has blocked the entrance; and Leilon relies on fish, but the fish won’t bite and even the dadgum ocean has begun to freeze! Now that’s a little bit more than a mere oddity I’d say! With the usual winter of the coast comes festivities and games, but this seems to be something of grave danger leaving no time for the normal holly and jolly.

Some have begun to wonder what is behind all this. Is it simply bad weather? Terrible magic? An evil Storm Giant? Or perhaps something much more sinister… It is up to you, dear adventurers, to find out.

Volothamp Geddarm (the Legend!)

Currently residing in Neverwinter

A Midwinter’s Wizardry is a Winter themed adventure for 5 6 first level characters. The adventure takes the characters from 1st 6th level in an incredible arctic journey while giving the dungeon master all the tools needed to run the adventure in this harsh climate. Adventurers travel through the once colorful and forested lands, only to find a wasteland of ice and snow. The harsh climate hides something, but what? It is up to the brave Player Characters to find out in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Immerse yourself in this arctic adventure with 45 pages of content, 12 new monsters and NPC’s, plus 5 new magical items!!! Fight the evil forces of the cold to save the sword coast from this new peril!

Stop the Winter and the Wizardry in this adventure for the

World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game

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