Island of the Condemned

Our heroes’ ship has taken on critical damage and they find themselves in need of respite from the high seas and drop anchor at the nearest beach Captivus Cove. What the party does not know is that the beach and surrounding jungle are inhabited by convicts who have been sacrificed to a life of survival by the island’s rulers so that the local vampire coven will not feed on the community atop the mesa.

Included in this One Shot Adventure Module

  • The storyline for a single jungle island adventure
  • DM eyes only spreadsheet of 9 NPC villagers
  • Custom stat blocks for NPC factions Prisoners, Ruling Elite, Vampire Hunter
  • Custom monster stat blocks for boss battle
  • Map of the island of Captivus Cove
  • Custom map of vampire crypt dungeon with encounters
  • Random encounter table
  • Multiple social, exploration and combat encounters
  • Three different endings, depending on player choice

This module can be input into any D&D campaign with similar island environment. This adventure can be customized to a party of any size or level but written and recommended as a level 8 adventure for 4 players.


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