Pocket Space RPG Horror

Pocket Space Horroris optional rules to add Horror and Mental Damage to your Pocket Space RPG game!

2 Different ways to handle resolving sources of Horror. One using Task Resolution and the other using the “Which Hand” game!

Long term ways to role play a character that has suffered the affects of Horror.

Fellow PCs can help soothe those suffering to overcome mental damage and focus on the mission at hand.

36 Different Space Horror Monster Characteristics to randomly roll up.

36 Different Space Horror Locations, each with their own Mission Hooks!

Print rules at 108% for improved visibility, fold and put in your pocket, see how that works?

Use myfree gamePocket Fantasy RPGto help create more Pocket Space RPG Horror Monsters!

Huge thanks to everyone that has purchasedPocket Space RPG!and Pocket Space RPG Robots!

If you pick it up, I thank you very much and please leave a review, comment or feedback on the Drivethrurpg title page.

My sincere appreciation for all the years of support!

Happy Adventuring!

Brandon Goeringer

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