Burned and Broken Citizens Divided

Burned and Broken is a short adventure in which the heroes must bring a burned prole spy to safety. Though this story uses the city of Dekalb, Illinois as a backdrop, it can just as easily take place in any city anywhere in the world of Citizens Divided.
A prole Augment named Asa McCallister has gotten some incriminating data regarding Robby Bourne, the Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions at MasterCorp. Asa had insinuated herself into Bourne’s life with a targeted seduction, and has uncovered secrets that would land MasterCorp in hot water with the rest of the Fortune Fifteen. Unfortunately, her cover has been blown, she’s burned, and she needs to get to safety with the data before MasterCorp’s Security team tracks her down.

Fight the Power

Citizens Dividedis a dystopian cyberpunk view of the world fifty years from now. The climate has changed, corporate greed has led to economic collapse, class war, and widespread unrest. Explore the grungy streets of the crumbling prole villages as a Gutter Punk, fight for the rights and welfare of the weak as an ExoPilot, or bend the internet to your will as a Hacker!

A New Story

Burned and Broken contains

  • A one shot story that can be used as a standalone adventure or dropped into your existing Citizens Divided campaign.
  • New Antagonists
  • A dark look fifteen minutes into the future

Citizens Divided is compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

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