Dichotomy and Dilemma a writers room guide to RPG storytelling

D&D Legacy Presents a writers room guide to RPG storytelling

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This book celebrates 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons. This book is for players and game masters alike. Explore almost 200 pages of content.

This book is not for narrative story ideas like a novel or movies. The D&D Legacy writers room guide gives you new tools. Create thejourney of heroes for characters and the people playing them.

The focus is immersive and emergent storytelling driven by the story guests at your game table. You will have the tools that let your players build the story structure. This can create content worthy of transmedia success. It is valuable for any online games as well.

There six sections in this book.

  • part 1 DJ Your Story Workbook
  • part 2 2d20 Matrix, Method, & Design Goals
  • part 3 Adventure in the Multi Verse
  • part 4 Goal 100 Adventure Outlines
  • part 5 Goal 100 Campaign Goals
  • part 6Rogues Gallery& Vecna Essentials

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