Dustbunnies GM Screen

This PDF comes with six 8.5″ x 11″ pages, designed for insert into your GM screen. It includes 3 pages with artwork for the “player facing” side of the screen, and 3 inside pages filled with useful information for the Host (that’s what we call the GM in a Dustbunnies game).

  • Tables Creative Trickses table, customizedReaction Table, Scary Stuff table, Baubles and Other Finds table.
  • Customized quick reference information for a Dustbunnies game, such asUsing Bennies,Rerolls, Allied Personalities characteritistics, andBaubles.
  • More quick reference information for a key element in a Dustbunnies game Tests, More About Tests, andMultiple Test Resuts.
  • Reminders for the effects of statuses in a Savage Worlds Dustbunnies game.

Dustbunnies Life Under the Couchis a setting forSavage Worlds.

Dog House Rulesis an Ace licensee publisher forSavage Worlds.

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