Fables & Families #4 – Mad Jester’s Mischief

There was once a Jester from Cormyr,
Whose humour was without peer,
But with age he did sour,
discovered dark magic power,
And the laughter turned into fear.

Sometimes the adventure chooses the adventurer. The Mad Jester is looking for souls to ‘entertain’ in his demiplane, which he has inaccurately named the ‘Halls of Hilarity’. Once the heroes are drawn in, misery begins, and the Mad Jester grows stronger off that unhappiness.

Mad Jester’s Mischief is a silly adventure designed for players of all ages. Traps, tricks and trials fill the Jester’s demiplane. Staying positive and working together is a big part of this adventure; the Mad Jester can’t win if you keep smiling!

Ideal for level 4 characters, with advice on how to scale the combat for weaker or stronger parties. This one shot could take 2 4 hours, with optional encounters designed to allow this adventurer run for the optimal time for your group.

Ideal for any campaign setting.

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