The Fettered Factory

The Fettered Factory

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The party aid a friend, a market trader, and to express his gratitude he gifts them a little antique, a leather yoke, which would normally go over the head of an ox to drag a heavy load ­ only thisspecimen fits the head of a person. As the party unpack the item, they notice on its oilcloth wrapping a faint map of a remote mountain region called The Valley of Kelados, containing alocation labelled as Xaganis. Discreet inquiries reveal this as the name of an ancient Deep of the Aliens, its location thought lost to history. Legend says that Dwarves labored there in centuriespast to manufacture strange Machines for their Alien overlords. The party set out in search of the Deep in the hopes of recovering unclaimed riches.

The Fettered Factory is an adventure for 4th 6th level characters. The material is written for Worlds Without Number and includes notes for conversion to other OSR systems.

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